Abby's Worn Panties

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My Worn Panties & Knickers

So you would like a pair of my dirty panties or worn knickers?

I have thongs, fullbacks, bikini, boyshort and various other styles filled with my moist and musky scent. No perfumes or body sprays, no scented lotions, just my sweet body scent.

I will wear my panties for 24 hours or longer if you like, just add the wearing time on my order page, along with any other extra dirty options you require.

So, if your ready to order yourself a pair of my sweet dirty panties, click on the panty pictures below to enlarge the image and note the item reference on the panties of your choice. Then all you have to do is go to my order page and my worn moist dirty panties will be yours.

I will post UK orders for free and worldwide postal prices can be found on my order page. If you can't find what your looking for on this page, email me and tell me what you are looking for, I'm sure I can find something similar somewhere in my knicker drawers.

Don't let my dirty knickers end up in the linen bin! You can make so much better use of them, so choose a pair below and they will yours forever.

My Everyday Panties & Knickers

Would you like a pair of my dirty panties? Click on any picture above to enlarge and note the item discription, then go to 'How to order' page or click below.

Please note, I cannot 'reserve' my panties for you until you have paid.