Abby's Worn Panties

So you’d like to know a little about your favourite Used Panty Girl?

Well, first let me tell you that I am Panty Trust Verified, which means I have been independently verified as being who I say I am and that I am a genuine Panty Seller, selling my own used panties and knickers. Take note of my next words, do not buy from a girl that is not Panty Trust Verified, because for all you know, it could be a guy wearing your order!!

As I mentioned on my welcome page, I just love sexy panties, knickers and lingerie and love making my panties and underwear dirty for you, but before you go any further on this used panty site, let me tell you a little about myself.

I'm a 30 something year old, bubbly natural blonde, with big blue eyes, soft skin and without sounding modest, a pretty face. My vital statistics are a curvy 38-30-37 and I'm about 5'4" tall, and before you ask... Yes my breasts are all me, 100% natural 38DD.

Apart from selling my worn panties and used knickers, I work as Secretary in a very busy office, which is rather mundane, so that’s why I enjoy my secret little panty fetish job, which adds a little excitement to my life. Whilst at work and to keep to the office dress code, I have to wear either trouser suites, or skirt and jacket, with a blouse or smart top underneath. Add a pair of tights to that and by the end of the day my dirty worn panties and nylons will be just what you guys are looking for, trust me! You will not be disappointed in anything you order from me, whether it's my used panties, worn bras, sticky nylons or my smelly socks, you will love them, I am quite sure of that! No body lotion or perfumes, just pure me.

If you would like a pair of my dirty used panties or anything else, I can assure you that your order will receive my personal attention and I can guarantee that all the dirty underwear and panties I sell, are my own genuine lingerie from my own personal panty and knicker drawer, not like some web sites, that buy in panties to order, wear once and then send to buyer pretending that they are well worn used panties. Some of the panties I am currently selling I have owned for years, so have had plenty of wear to say the least and some are newer panties, but whatever you order, I can promise you all my panties, knickers and underwear are well worn and will definitely be dirty.

For all you foot lovers out there, I have beautiful little UK size 5 feet, which I would love for you to worship. Go to my sister website or click here to be taken there, where you'll find lots of pics and you can also buy my dirty socks, shoes, boots and more.

I really hope you like what you see on these panty pages. I love the thought of all you men looking at me in my knickers and the thought of you guys owning my dirty underwear, used panties and nylons turn me on big time!

Before you look at my used panty page, why don't you take a quick look inside my panty drawer by clicking here or perhaps my panty gallery by clicking here.

Please feel free to email me with any questions or by arrangement why not talk to me live? in my chat room by clicking here  it's free.

I hope you enjoy the time here.